Friday Favourites


 Happy Friday lovely readers!!

Friday Favourites


Favourite nailpolish: This week I’ve been sporting Hello Darling’s Loveshack on my digits and I love it. I needed only one coat of this beautiful magenta colour and 36 hours later these nails are chip-free! Hooray! Stay tuned for a more detailed review of Hello Darling. In the meantime check out their website here and follow them on twitter @Hello_Darling

Favourite Golden Globe look: This week I watched the 2012 Golden Globes and picked my top ten beauty-looks, you can see them here:

Although there were many contenders for my favourite look, George Clooney’s lady friend Stacy Keibler won by a hair. The dress, the hair, the face… all gorgeous!

Favourite tv show: I’ve had a little sneak peek of Channel 7’s new show Revenge and I can’t wait to see more.  Revenge (which is loosely based on The Count of Monte Cristo) ‘centers on a young woman, Emily,  who is welcomed into a Hampton’s community filled with people who don’t know she’s only there to exact revenge on those who had destroyed her family’.

Favourite holiday destination: I’m from a family of big skiers and every 2nd year we head to Big White Ski Resort in BC, Canada. Big White is the largest totally ski-in, ski out ski resort in Canada with 118 runs and best powder (snow)!  After a day on the slopes with family and friends we’ll spend our evenings sipping cocktails in the hot tub, feasting at one of the restaurants, lounges or deli’s in the village or knocking back schnapps with a basket of chicken wings at one of the pubs. (Whatever you do don’t try to prove that you can beat a boy at drinking the night before you fly back to Australia… I did win but I can tell you that it was one very long and very painful flight home).

Anyway, one of the most beautiful sites to see on the slopes are the beautiful snow-covered tree’s often referred to as ‘snow ghosts’.

Favourite holiday food memory: Back in April, Beau and I ended our USA honeymoon in Oahu, Hawaii. I think I might have stacked 5kgs just in Hawaii as all we did was eat amazing (and when I say amazing I mean fattening) food. 

A friend of ours (hi Chris!) had recommended we head to L&L Hawaiian Barbecue and I’m so glad we did.  I ordered the fried garlic prawns with rice and pasta salad and it was one of the BEST meals I’ve had ever.  Those of you who only eat healthy food or have a weak stomach I’d stop reading here… seriously.  These prawns were covered in batter and then deep-fried in a garlic oil AMAZING! Definitely heart attack material and I couldn’t eat anything for the rest of the day, but worth it!

Favourite book: Just after her 90th birthday my grandmother sent me a very special book that has been in her family for over 100 years.  Warne’s Model Cookery and Housekeeping’ is a book filled with recipes and housekeeping advice. My great-grandmother and grandmother have kept this book in immaculate condition and it’s so fascinating to read. Stay tuned for a detailed post on this book soon.

Favourite beauty product: Big lips seem to be everywhere (Angelina Jolie, Tanya Burr) and I’m a little jealous. But Napoleon Perdis makes me feel a little better with his Love Bite Lip Plump.  Apply and watch your lips get a little bit bigger!

Favourite photographer: Peter Lik is a genius! He is an Australian photographer and adventurer who takes the most AMAZING photos. Every family holiday to Noosa for as long as I can remember I would go into Peter Lik’s gallery on Hasting’s street and stare at photos for hours, trying to pick the photo I was going to get for my house when I became rich and famous.

If you have seen Peter Lik’s work in person then I’m sure you would understand why I find it so hard to describe his work.

Peter’s photos are absolutely unbelievable but are super expensive.  As soon as I make my first million bucks (still trying to think of an invention that will get me this mullah) then my first purchase will be Peter Lik’s GhostTree of Life or Lillies of the Pond

Check out Peter Lik’s website here and follow him on Twitter @PeterLik

Favourite indulgence: I am a chocaholic I can’t think of anything better than slobbing on the couch in pjs and watching a movie with a cuppa tea and a block of Cadbury Hazelnut chocolate (family size of course)… heaven!

Favourite Thursday night dinner: Sometimes the perfect dinner is enjoying crackers with dip and a glass of red wine over a good magazine. Don’t you agree?

Favourite shoes: I’ve been stuck inside working this week and was desperate to feel a little bit of summer so I wore these cute coral-coloured Rubi sandals (‘Sandals’ is such an ugly word). Bright, cheap and super comfortable!

Favourite blog: This week I’m jumping on the Tanya Burr bandwagon and happy to admit it. “Tanya Burr is a 22-year-old Make-up Artist and YouTube guru phenomenon” Tanya is a trained Make-up artist who began delivering tutorials and makeup advice via YouTube.  She now receives more than 2 million visitors to her online tutes each month and has created quite a media storm over the last week.

Check out Tanya’s website here, her YouTube channel here and follow her on Twitter here

Favourite quote: My favourite quote of the week is from one of my favourite movies Step Brothers, another Will Ferrell classic! If you haven’t seen it then do yourself a favour and check it out this weekend. An easy watch with plenty of laughs!

Step Brothers - Classic!



a pic to make you laugh
Happy Friday!



4 Responses to “Friday Favourites”

  1. January 20, 2012 at 9:04 pm, Martine@themodernparent said:

    Can’t decide what I want more right now….the chocolate or that very cute nail polish!


    • January 22, 2012 at 4:32 pm, LipstickandCake said:

      How about both! Eat the chocolate whilst painting your nails?


  2. January 20, 2012 at 8:42 pm, Mystique said:

    Great post….Love your Friday favourites!


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