Friday Favourites

Happy 2nd Friday for the week!

This week has been extremely busy and rather confusing and I’m glad it’s coming to a close.

This weeks favourites are in a different format as I had some technical issues, but hang tight, it should all be back to normal next week.

I hope you have a fantastic weekend and be sure to check in next week as I have some very exciting posts to come.



Happy Friday!


My new favourite app Draw Something! Play against me - Stephwil27
Fluro colours are in folks!


Fluro’s in - Fluro is trending right now and I am a huge fan of fluro accessories namely nails. Check out my fav fluro nail polishes here.


New desk item – Someone at work broke my mug so it was off to
Do you have one of these?


Bedfellows - Winter is well and truly on its way and my hot water bottle is back in my bed.
So true!
Sydney Fashion Palette
Making new friends – The blogging world is a pretty cool place and one of the highlights of my job is meeting and hanging out with some pretty cool people.
I attended Sydney Fashion Palette’s launch party and had an absolute ball with Jacquii (Couture Caddy), Angie (Obsession with the Fabulous) and Christina (Hair Romance). Be sure to swing by the girls blogs and say hi!


Late night snack - After spending an evening taking snaps of the rake-thin models (at Sydney’s Fashion Palette ) most women would probably reevaluate their diet and watch what they ate for the next few days. Not me, after watching those girls drop like flies all I could think about was hitting Maccas drive through on the way home and that is exactly what I did. I think anyone who doesn’t like Maccas is crazy, I LOVE IT!
Looks I love
Ottimo Italian Kitchen, Hunters Hill


Italian anyone? -  Sydneysiders, are you look for a new Italian restaurant to try out? Check out Ottimo Italian Kitchen in Hunters Hill. This has to be one of my absolute favourite Italian restaurants (up there with Machiavelli’s). I was there last night and can recommend the Spaghetti with morteon bay bug, white wine, chilli, parmesan, brocollini and breadcrumbs… divine! Can’t wait to go back and make my way through the menu.
Nigella Lawson's Glitzy Chocolate Puddings


Favourite dessert of the week – Sunday night I whipped up a quick batch of Nigella Lawson’s Glitzy Chocolate Puddings. Check out the recipe here. It’s super tasty and so easy to make.
Big White, Canada


Favourite Holiday - In 9 months time I’m going to be swishing down the slopes of Big White Canada and I am beyond excited. Bring on the snow, schnapps and cinnabons!
Damage done!


And then – when I’m not skiing I’m going to be shopping up a storm. My apologies in advance Australian retailers but shopping in Canada is unbelievably cheap and I’m heading over there with an empty suitcase and coming back with two full ones! Is there anything you want me to pick you up while I’m there?

Have you got any Friday Favourites to share?






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