Friday Favourites


Happy Good Friday lovely readers, I hope you have a fantastic long weekend planned. My weekend is going to be filled with family, friends and feasts and I wouldn’t have it any other way!

Be safe and have a wonderful Easter.

Love Steph




Friends – Last Saturday I celebrated my beautiful friend Mandi’s birthday. It was a brilliant night (that resulted in a shocking hangover on Sunday) and a reminder that girls nights should happen more frequently. Girl power!

Favourite fast meals – Some nights I get home from work and the last thing I want to do is slave over a hot stove for an hour. With this dish I am back on the couch with a bowl of delicious pasta in twenty minutes:

Favourite brownie recipe – earlier this week I bought you the Slutty Brownies, only one of the best brownie recipe to date. Check it out here and be sure to try it, you won’t be disappointed!

Favourite dare – If you haven’t completed a Fox in Flats dare then you’re really missing out. This week Fox in Flats challenged us to the Arm Party Dare which was brilliant fun. Check out the gorgeous Fox in Flats and her fun style dares here: 

Inspiration - I can’t wait to have a home office/study that I design and put together. Want to see my inspiration for my home office? Check out my Pinterest board

Favourite blog - My favourite blog of the week is Not Quite Nigella. All bloggers have ‘blogging’ idols and Lorraine from Not Quite Nigella is mine.  Here at NQN you can find fantastic reviews of local and international restaurants, interviews with inspirational cooking personalities and some of the most fantastic recipes I’ve ever tried! Lorraine is brilliant and her recipes are often inspired by places, seasons, experiences and even movies (she made her own Bertie Bots every flavour jelly beans from Harry Potter and the lamb and plum stew from The Hunger Games). I get a real kick every morning when I check out her latest post.  Soooooo, this weekend grab a cuppa, settle in and check out Not Quite Nigella. WARNING - she will make you very, very hungry!

This weekend I’m cooking Easter Egg Brownies and The Hunger Games Lamb Stew and I can’t wait! 

Favourite nail polish – as you know by now I am a nail polish enthusiast and have a collection currently sitting just above 60 bottles. One of my favourite nail polish brands is Darling and yesterday I got to chat with the Darling team about their nail polish love and adventures. Check out my interview with Heather and Kim from Darling here

Gotta love… Good Friday = seafood BBQ feast at my mum and dads house. Tonight we’ll be feasting on fresh fish, garlic prawns and salt and pepper calamari – my most favourite forms of seafood. What are yours?





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