Magneffect Nail Polish

Over the last few months we’ve seen the nail stickers and shatter effect craze take off.  Now there’s a new nail art to try; introducing Layla’s Magneffect nail polish.

Layla's Magneffect Nail Polish

Brought to you by Italian cosmetics giant Layla, Magneffect creates three-dimensional designs in a matter of seconds.  The nail polish contains a revolutionary formula that reacts to the magnet in the bottle lid creating a magnetic pattern instantly.

How does it work?

All you have to do is put at least one coat onto your nail and while its wet you hold the bottle lid over the nail for five to ten seconds or until the psychedelic pattern appears.


Magneffect is perfect for nail polish fanatics and those looking to sport some funky digits.

To see the Magneffect nail polish at work check out this video posted by Layla (sound not needed)

Where can I buy?

The Magneffect range is made up of 24 different shades and can be found at Price Attack stores around Australia for RRP: $19.95

 I can’t wait to get my nails on a few more shades.


Disclaimer: Thanks to Layla and Dani Lombard Public Relations for letting me trial the polish.


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