All you need is a little Santorini Sun!

Yes it’s cooler and a little windy at times but that doesn’t mean I have to put away those summer clothes just yet. I spend most of my week inside a heated office which means I can continue to wear those fab new skirts and dresses (purchased on my recent European holiday) throughout winter.

Unfortunately as summer disappears so does any sign of a real summer tan. ‘Just put fake tan on’ I hear you say. Easier said that done I’m afraid.  I’m pale and I mean really pale. By the middle of winter I’m virtually see through! I can’t just go and slap on any ol’ fake tan in fear that I will look like one of the “meatballs” from Jersey Shore. 

I am always on the look out for good tanning products but I am quite fussy when it comes to selecting one to use. I was reading the Sweaty Betty blog a few weeks ago and saw their post on Santorini Sun Organics and I was intrigued. There was something I really liked about the brand and within a week I was trialing three products from the range and I was in love (and tanned). 

I wanted to know more about the range and who’s behind it so I had a little chat with the brains behind the brand, Paula Theodore.

Paula Theodore, Managing Director of Santorini Sun Organics

How did you start Santorini Sun Organics?

The conception of Santorini Sun came from two things:  a deep fascination with the connection between nature and beauty, and being disillusioned by the products available on the market. On one end the natural products that were available didn’t deliver results and on the other end there were products that contained harmful ingredients. A product line that filled both of these voids had to be developed.

How did you come up with the name?

The name was inspired by the most magical place on earth, I don’t know of any other place where nature has created something so perfect. Our products are natural, fresh, and innovative, reflecting the Santorini Lifestyle.

What makes Santorini Sun different from other tanning products?

The various chemicals, artificial colouring and parabens present in many other tanning products can be harsh and damaging to the skin, as well as unpleasant to inhale. Santorini Sun products contain only natural & organic ingredients, in place of dyes or synthetic ingredients – furthermore our products contain active ingredients to help repair and nourish skin cells whilst you get a faux-glow. We share a holistic approach to beauty, and focus on incorporating natural ingredients to heal and prolong youthfulness.  

How many products are in the Santorini Sun range, and which one is your favourite?

The range now has 10 products including the release of our latest “Facelift Oil”. Each product has been created with so much passion and it is really hard to identify 1 as a favourite, I do use different products for different occasions. The Island Goddess Body Shimmer on a night out, the Everyday Gradual Tan throughout winter to maintain my sun-kissed glow, The Face Tan never leave home without, and I alternate between the Tanning Cream and Lotion depending on how I feel.

What do you love most about your job?

I am absolutely in love with my job, it is so satisfying being able to make people feel beautiful and glowing, using ingredients that have healing powers.  We have a new discovery everyday!

What keeps you inspired?

We are so grateful for the constant reviews and positive feedback we get by customers, beauty editors and the media, this really keeps me inspired!

In your mind, what is the biggest tanning faux par committed?

In my mind the biggest tanning faux par committed is too much tan – or that Oompa Loompa orange look. The key is to look natural, like you have just returned from a holiday.

What do you do to ensure a streak free tan application?

To ensure a streak free tan application it’s crucial to exfoliate with a tan-off mitt and always ensure skin is completely dry of any water or moisturisers. Then, it is really important to blend well leaving no white parts.  As Santorini Sun products are all a rich chocolate colour, you can see where you are applying so you don’t end up with a patchy tan.  Lastly allow 5  minutes to dry before dressing for the most even, natural looking tan. 

Is there a Santorini Sun product for faces? And what’s the key to getting a nice even tan on your face?

The Sunless Tanning Lotion with ‘olive squalane oil’ is perfect for the face, it is light enough to be applied daily and you can even go make up free with this one – I never leave out of my daily beauty musts! When applying tan on your face it is important to really smooth the product over the natural contours of your facial structure, and make sure you spread some tanning lotion over your neck and décolletage to avoid having a face that is darker than your body. And beware the dreaded ‘tan moustache’ – where product clings to the fine hairs on your upper lip. Not a good look!!

Where can Lipstick & Cake readers by Santorini Sun?

Lipstick & Cake readers can buy Santorini Sun products from either online at or pharmacies, health & beauty stores nationwide.

What’s next for you and Santorini Sun?

Santorini Sun has many exciting projects on the go this year, including the opening of an innovative showroom, and the release of new lines. We launched Hong Kong and Germany earlier this year and plan to further expand into UK and the US in the coming months too….

Santorini Sun Range

 The Verdict:

I am absolutely loving Santorini Sun’s products at the moment and have received a number of compliments on the natural-looking glow I’ve been sporting.  Application is easy, the creams smell delicious (which is rare for many tanning products) and the products leave a natural, streak free glow. I can’t wait to try the rest of the range.

Currently using:  Sunless Tanning Lotion, EVERDAY Gradual Tan Moisturiser and Body Shimmer Cream.

Huge thanks to Paula for chatting with me and to Alena from Sweaty Betty for helping me arrange the interview.

Check out the Santorini Sun range here.



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  1. May 02, 2012 at 10:41 pm, Louise Marshman said:

    Thank you for sharing. Particularly keen that the products are organic. Great name. Absolutely amazing breathtaking place – would love to return.


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