Mama Ka’z Banana Bread

My love affair with banana bread started when I was in high school. My mode of transport for getting to and from school was by ferry and every afternoon a bunch of us would go hang out at the cafe at Kirribilli wharf waiting for our ride home. On cold and rainy days we’d buy a slice of banana bread toasted and slathered with butter and would sit there on the ferry sneaking our slice in between fixing our hair in case any cute boys from the local boys schools hopped on.

Ever since then I have been addicted to banana bread. On cold and windy days or when meeting a friend in a cafe all I crave is that hot banana bread with melted butter.  Two years ago my mum told me something about banana bread that ceased those cravings immediately (a bit like your friends telling you that the McDonald’s thickshakes are made out of pigs fat – I still don’t believe you). According to Weight Watchers a certain large coffee brand sells a banana bread that is so fattening one slice is worth 27 (or maybe it was 29) weight watchers points.. JUST FOR ONE SLICE and the average daily points allowance for a woman around 5″5-5″7ft and 58-65kgs is around 19-21.  YUK! Since learning that outrageous info I became hesitant to eat banana bread unless it was homemade. That was until Mama Ka’z sent me a hamper filled with their banana bread range.

Mama Ka’z aka Karen Kurvitz  began baking her grandmother’s banana bread recipe out of her small Rose Bay kitchen and sold the loafs at her Potts Point Cafe.  Now she has a factory at St Peter’s where she and her team produce quality homemade bread and muffins for over 400 schools, universities, convenience stores and cafes across Australia.

Based on a secret family recipe, Mama Kaz’s banana bread has long been a favourite of café goers, workers and hungry people all over Australia, looking for a delicious and quick snack. A guilt-free treat, Mama Kaz breads are not only deliciously moist and low in fat, they are 100% natural with no preservatives and made from real fruit and dairy free (except mango & coconut).

I could finally eat tasty banana bread without guilt and all those memories of being a fifteen year old girl on the ferry with my friends came flooding back.

For all those fellow banana bread lovers out there you can do what I do and buy a loaf, cut it up, wrap the individual pieces up in gladwrap and stick in the freezer until you get that banana-bread craving.

To order your loaf or flavoured muffins check out Mama Ka’z here.

Mama Ka'z Banana Bread

Mama Ka’z Banana Bread

Mama Ka'z!