Introducing Shunch


Shunch [Shuhnch]


1. A day of shopping and lunch with a very dear friend

Dictionary of Stephanie Wilson


One of my closest friends (Hi Al!) and I now have a bi-yearly tradition. To celebrate our birthdays we spoil ourselves to a day in the city where we dine at a delicious restaurant and spend the rest of the day shopping (usually slightly inebriated which makes the experience oh so more ‘interesting’). We call this day of activities Shunch. Shopping and lunch, you get it right?

I think Shunch should be mandatory for every woman (and man, I know a lot of you like shopping) to do on her birthday. If I ever own a company my first rule will be that all employees get to have their birthday-day off work and they must celebrate it!

Still not sure what Shunch is? Come and follow me on my recent shunch expedition…


Rule # 1: Shunch must be completed in your new favourite outfit. Yes you look sexy in heels but be sure to pack a pair of flats because shopping in heels can be tiring and painful.


I know you want to go back to your favourite restaurant (Jamie’s) but there are so many fantastic restaurants you need to try, therefore Rule # 2 of Shunch is that the lunch must be at a different restaurant each time.

This time we dined at Mr Wong. Dumplings, salt and pepper squid, crazy-good prawn toast and cocktails to die for!




Rule # 3: Dessert or cake must be consumed.


Rule # 4: Possibly the most important rule in the Shunch handbook. You MUST buy at least one item for yourself.


Or three…





Do you have a Birthday tradition?

Are you going to Shunch from now on?




2 Responses to “Introducing Shunch”

  1. September 06, 2013 at 10:07 pm, said:

    I love SHUNCH! I just made up CUNCH. That’s lunch with a…(I’ll leave that one to your imagination!)


  2. September 04, 2013 at 8:49 pm, Me my best and I said:

    Shunch 100% YES!


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