Star Beauty Buys: Alexa Chung Eye Do Liquid Eyeliner



Alexa Chung. Model, TV presenter, journalist, style icon and now beauty collaborator. The girl famous for the cat-eye eyeliner flick has teamed up with British mascara and eyeliner brand Eyeko to develop a collaborative set featuring a waterproof black mascara and eyeliner which is currently available at Sephora and Selfridges.


Now as a fellow fan of the cat-eye eyeliner flick, I’ve worked my way through a number of liquid eyeliner’s looking for the perfect one. Hands down this is one of the best eyeliners I’ve used and I’ve worn it every day since buying.

Not only is it easy to apply but the liner stays on for hours and hours. Actually, I have a little confession to make… the other night I was so tired that I went to bed with my makeup on (I know, naughty Steph!) and when I woke up in the morning the eyeliner was still on, in perfect condition! No word of a lie.


A limited-edition, eye-defining duo featuring a new waterproof, carbon-black liquid eyeliner and new conditioning mascara designed by Brit IT girl Alexa Chung for Eyeko.



Here is a great video, of Alexa herself, applying the eyeliner and mascara.


  1. The liner comes in a tube that’s fairly thin and easy to hold.
  2. The tip is firm which allows for easy application and no liner splatters.
  3. The formula isn’t runny, it’s like a felt tip and dries almost instantly after application.
  4. Once applied it will stay on for AAAAAGES!
  5. You can buy the eyeliner and mascara together, or separately if you’re just after one or the other.
  6. It’s reasonably priced!



Sephora – Eye Do Mascara & Liquid Eyeliner Set US$39, individual Eyeliner US$19, individual Mascara US$24

Selfridges – individual eyeliner £15, individual mascara £20



Are you a fan of the cat-flick eye liner look? Are you a fan of Alexa? 




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