Urban Decay Naked3 Review

Since launching a few months ago the Urban Decay Naked3 eyeshadow palette has been flying off the shelves. I have to admit that I too was sucked into the hoo-ha and excitement surrounding the launch and visited multiple Sephora stores in hopes of snapping one up, however they were all out of stock.

It took some thinking (which hurt of course) but I finally thought to go to the source direct, the Urban Decay website, and finally got my pink painted claws on this little baby and let me tell you… it was well worth the hype and excitement.

I absolutely adore this palette! I have always used darker shades of eyeshadows but lately have been attracted to lighter colours and looks and Naked3 has been making this transition a hell of a lot easier. The palette is made up of 12 gorgeous neutral shades, from pales, to pinks to browns and can be mixed and matched to create endless looks for both day and night. The eyeshadow is long-lasting, especially when worn over an eye primer.

I use Naked3 all the time and recommend it to all my friends and of course to you! Here are all the details and some just some of the looks I’ve created using the palette.




Here are 12 beautiful rose-hued neutrals in a range of shades—from pale, shimmery pink to deep black matte with red microglitter—in ultrasmooth matte, pearl, and glimmering metallic finishes. Here are the names and descriptions:

  1. Strange: Described as a pale neutral pink matte-satin
  2. Dust: Described as a pale metallic pink shimmer with iridescent micro-glitter
  3. Burnout: Described as a light pinky-peach satin
  4. Limit: Described as a light dusty rose matte
  5. Buzz: Described as a metallic rose shimmer with silver micro-glitter
  6. Trick: Described as a light metallic pinky-copper shimmer with tonal micro-sparkle
  7. Nooner: Described as a medium pinky-brown matte
  8. Liar: Described as a medium metallic mauve shimmer
  9. Factory: Described as a pinky-brown satin
  10. Mugshot: Described as a metallic taupe shimmer with slight pink shift
  11. Darkside: Described as a deep taupe-mauve satin
  12. Blackheart: Described as a smoky black matte with rosy red micro-sparkle



  1. All colours can by mixed and matched.
  2. Can create endless looks for both day and night.
  3. Love the brush it comes with.
  4. Soft, easy to blend formula.
  5. Combination of matte and shimmer shadows.


Here are just a few of the looks I’ve created using Naked3. Let me know if you want tutorials on any of them.

ROSE GOLDRoseGold copy



UD5 copy



Urban Decay Naked3 from Urban Decay website // US$54.00


Have you bought the Naked3 palette yet? Are there any looks you’d like to see a tutorial for?


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