All Hail Hypoxi

As regular readers would know the last year and a half has been tough for me. Between fertility issues and then a marriage breakdown life has…hmm how do I put this… sucked big time.

I knew that I was neglecting my physical health and well-being but I was too busy trying to work through my emotions, building this blog into a business and the rest of my time was spent moping around and feeling sorry for myself. I was not exercising as often as I should and whilst I didn’t totally binge on ice cream and chocolate, I wasn’t eating regularly or properly.

About four months ago I received an email from the team at Hypoxi, asking me if I would like to do a trial with them. I had heard nothing but good things about Hypoxi and decided that it was time to put down the block of Cadbury’s Marvellous Creations (jelly popping candy) and red wine, get off the couch and do something to help myself. I also had my Hawaii trip coming up fast and I wanted to look good in a bikini!

I decided that the first day of Hypoxi would be the first day of a healthy new me.


What is Hypoxi I hear you ask… well Hypoxi is my new best friend. It’s a health program that kick-starts weight loss, tones the bod and works miracles on stubborn hail damage (aka cellulite).

“HYPOXI is the brainchild of Dr Norbert Egger, an esteemed Austrian sport scientist. Over the course of many years working in the weight loss industry, he noticed that many women struggled to reduce fat in their problem areas of the stomach, hips, buttocks and thighs despite regular exercise and a healthy diet. As a sport scientist, Egger knew that good circulation, exercise and a healthy lifestyle are critical to achieve weight loss in a specific area. With this knowledge in mind, he set about developing the revolutionary training concept that is HYPOXI.”

It’s a simple 30 minute workout using advanced compression technology with exercise to kick-start your body in those trouble spots. It is a fast AND SUSTAINABLE program and works far, far better than regular training for targeted fat loss around the stomach, hips, butt and thigh area.


Hypoxi 5

I headed to the Surry Hills studio for my first Hypoxi session and I was so excited. Before starting any exercise I sat down with one of the lovely girls to go through my medical info, identify concerns and share my hopes and goals for Hypoxi. After the chat it was time to get down to my undies (top can stay on) for measurements and weigh in. Once that’s all done it was time to hop into gym gear (loose pants and a tee) and hit the machines.

There are two types of machines at the Surry Hills Studio, the L250 and the HypoxiDermology, both of which I used in my sessions.

Hpxi_ 0014


(In Steph’s words: Wet suit with bubble wrap on the inside)

Hypoxi 3

(My view from inside the “bubble suit”)

Ideal for :

  • People starting a detox program
  • Women wanting to reduce the appearance of severe cellulite
  • Men and women wanting to firm skin tone and texture
  • Women undertaking the L250 or S120 program that want to accelerate results
  • Men or women using the Vacunuat that want to accelerate fat burning around the stomach region
  • Men and women who experience fluid retention

Oh this is my favourite part of Hypoxi! To kick off my session I am helped into what can only be described as a giant wet suit then helped down onto a little day bed. Once I’m lying down I was plugged into a machine that sucks out all the air from inside the suit and then little bubbles inside the suit begin to massage you.

The first time I used this machine I felt a little claustrophobic as the suit gets very tight, but once I was able to make myself breathe and relax I actually began to really enjoy it.

After 20-30 minutes of relaxing massages (where I would often doze off) it was time to work up a sweat on the L250.

The L250

(In my words: The vacuum-seal bike)

Hypoxi 4

Hypoxi 2

Ideal for :

  • Pear-shaped women
  • Women with cellulite or localised fat deposits
  • Mums struggling to lose baby weight
  • Women and men who do not enjoy the gym but want results
  • Women looking to get in shape for that special day

The L250 is a reclined bike of sorts. One of the lovely girls at Hypoxi would strap two heart monitors onto me – one just under the bra and the other on one my thighs. They then would help me into a “skirt” that feels a lot like neoprene material. The skirt zips up just under the bust and once you lay down on the machine, the bottom of the skirt clips into a hood that comes down and covers the lower half of the body.

Next to you is a little screen where your details are put in, then its time to get to work. This is no-where near as intense as a spin class but the L250 is definitely a workout. For thirty minutes you peddle away and have to keep yourself in the ‘fat burning zone’ which you can constantly monitor on the screen. Whilst you do have to concentrate on staying in the fat burning zone, you are able to read mags, surf the net or watch TV on the iPads that are attached to the machine. Heads up – Don’t watch Jimmy Kimmel’s Celebrities Read Mean Tweets clips, I was laughing so hard I couldn’t peddle… oops!

After your time is up, the machine will stop and the cover will automatically rise so you can get out. You’ll be helped out of your skirt, feeling a little sweaty but energised.

There are a few strict rules that follow each Hypoxi session. For the next 4-6 hours you are not allowed to do any exercise, not even walking. You also can’t eat carbs in that time frame but I actually didn’t find that a problem as I would make myself a big salad or pick up some sashimi on the way home.

Hypoxi also recommends you go easy on the sugar and alcohol which of course will help with weight loss.


Hypoxi is perfect for those people needing to kick-start their weight loss journey or for those who exercise regularly but just cannot seem to shift the weight from their problem areas.


Hypoxi is worldwide, with multiple studios in many countries including Australia, New Zealand and the United States.

For my Aussie and New Zealand readers, click here to find a studio near you.

For my US readers, click here to find your closest studio.


Hypoxi was life-changing for me. I could see results within the first week which inspired me to improve my overall health and well-being. I began eating regularly and properly, and on the days I wasn’t doing Hypoxi I was doing pilates and going for a run with my dog.

Thankfully I am fairly portioned, so when I gain or lose weight it goes on / comes off equally around the body. However I had found it hard to tone up or shift a bit of extra weight around the belly but Hypoxi totally changed that. I can’t believe how flat my stomach became.

Hypoxi 1

(Starting to see results halfway through)

My jeans slide on easily (in fact I’m going to have to buy a few new pairs in a smaller size) and muffin tops are a thing of the past.

I confidently strutted around Hawaii in a bikini and short and was finally able to wear cropped tops, a trend I had always wanted to try but never had the body to do.

Hypoxi 11

Hypoxi 10

Winona 1_Intrepid copy

Hypoxi has been the single most successful exercise program I’ve ever used. I’ve done the gym, I’ve done boot camps but never have I had results like this.

and the proof is in the pudding my body. Here are my results after 18 Hypoxi sessions.

Weight and measurements lost:

Weight: 2.9kg

Waist: 3.5cm

Stomach: 5cm

Hips: 3.5cm

Bottom: 2.5cm

Legs: 3cm

R leg: 4cm

C leg: 3cm

Knee: .8cm

Total centremetres lost: 25.3

Winona 8_Intrepid copy

Hypoxi helped my body but it also helped me find that confidence I had been missing for quite a while. Not only did I look great but I felt great and I’m a Hypoxi fan for life.

If you want to know more, feel free to send me an email with any questions stephanie(at)


The recommended retail prices per session is $69 per session, or $690 for a course of 12 (prices may vary slightly from location to location). In my opinion it is fairly reasonably priced compared to other fitness programs out there, especially when you good results are pretty much guaranteed.

Free trials and payment plans are available. Head to for more info.


 Disclosure: Whilst my Hypoxi experience was complimentary, thoughts and opinions are my own.



3 Responses to “All Hail Hypoxi”

  1. August 25, 2014 at 2:38 pm, Sharon Kitching said:

    How many sessions did you do to get that result?


    • August 25, 2014 at 3:37 pm, LipstickandCake said:

      Hi Sharon, I did 18 sessions. 12 is the standard and you should see results after just a few.


  2. July 09, 2014 at 3:25 pm, Madeleine | The Daily Mark said:

    This sounds AMAZING! So looking into it before my Caribbean holiday in September! How often did you do the sessions?


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