Friday Favourites

Friday. FriYAY!

FF #27

GirlsOnTour // Good food, good wine, good times. MsCritique and I had a ball exploring LA last week and can’t wait to share all our travel content with you. Stay tuned!

DTLA Sunsets // Last week I got to enjoy this beautiful sunset from the top of the Ace Hotel. Killer view!

Missing // Counting down the days until I can see my fur-baby.

Pot your plants // I’ve always loved pot plants inside, not only do they look good but they also have a number of physical and mental health benefits.
So I’ve got the plants and now I need some pots. Here are a few of my favourites…

Okay Sydney Summer, I’m ready for you // now that I have this really cool pool toy! I’m predicting a pool party or two, with margaritas!

Pink pretties // here are some flowers for your Friday!

On my wish list // This cute cuff from Wanderlust & Co is now at the top of my wish list!

LA – I love you! // I love LA, especially when admiring from up at Griffith Observatory. Griffith is a must-visit site when you’re next in LA.

Summer wardrobe // Another summer prediction, I’m going to be wearing a lot of white!

Palm trees, beautiful beaches, clear blue water… // Dream holiday destination of the week – Fiji!

Funniest video ever! // I cannot tell you how many times I’ve watched this video over the last few weeks, but I can tell you that every time I watch it I cannot stop laughing. For your Friday funnies check out this hilarious video of a dog dressed up as a spider!

Quote and lesson of the week // tru dat!


So tell me, what are some of your faves from the week?


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