Megan Gale launches homewares line with Target

Freshly inked on the model and actor’s already impressive resume is now homewares designer. This week Megan Gale launches homewares line with Target Australia. Within the collection are six ranges, each inspired by Megan’s favourite destinations including Santorini, Hollywood, Corfu, Paris, New York and London.

Each range includes fitted sheets, a quilt cover and pillow cases and other accessories include soft throw rugs, towels, bath mats and cushions, which can be matched or mixed with other pieces in the collection. The range starts at $35 and is now available online and in many Target stores across Australia. Click here to check out the entire range or to start shopping.

A few weeks ago I previewed the collection (styled by the talented Jason Grant) at a beautiful home in Tamarama and had a change to interview Megan. Check out the interview and all the photos below.

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Congratulations on the launch of MG Australia homewares with Target! How long has this project been in the works?

Thank you, I’m so excited to finally share the collection in September! I started work on this project towards the end of 2013, but I have been collecting little bits and pieces for quite some time. You will see from the collection that I have concentrated on the cities I love. I have taken inspiration from my travels, which allowed me to build the design over time. I think we all love taking home travel pieces to work into our everyday life.
Target have worked with me since 2013 to bring the collection to life and edit each range or “story” in the collection so they are all distinct and unique.

Has designing homewares always been something you’ve wanted to do?

Homewares has always been a huge passion of mine. I love shopping for furniture, artwork and key pieces for my home, and have collected some sentimental pieces from my travel. I’ve always had what I like to describe as a ‘gypsy lifestyle’, so it’s been really exciting to be able to fuse this sense of wanderlust with my love of the home and décor. A collection now is perfect while I’m creating my ideal family home in Australia. Designing homewares is something I had always dreamed of doing, but the opportunity had to be right timing-wise.

And how would you describe the collection in three words:

Luxurious, modern and sentimental. I have worked tirelessly to create a collection that above all else is affordable without compromising quality. The designs are incredibly sentimental to me from all my travels, but with a modern edge and strong attention to detail. I wanted to create pieces that were indicative of each city, but had interesting elements like modern fabric choices, textures and detailing.

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Where did you find your inspiration for the designs?

Beautiful destinations such as Santorini, Paris, London and New York have been some of my favourite cities to visit over the years and the memories I held from travelling to places such as these creatively sparked the imagination. Taking in the decor from amazing hotels I’ve stayed at, locations I’ve been on for work and architecture and style influences from these different cities provided me with a huge bank of design inspiration to draw from.

How many pieces in the range?

Within the collection there are six ranges, each focused on one beautiful city. The ranges include Santorini, Hollywood, Corfu, Paris, New York and London. Each has bedcovers and fitted sheets. There are accessories as well like soft throw rugs and
European pillow cases to mix and match. I also designed some bathware pieces, but let’s leave a little room for surprise!

Do you have a favourite piece?

It can be hard to choose when each city has its own memories and the pieces are all quite diverse. The Santorini inspired range is one of my personal favourites, particularly as it’s a fresh and crisp look for summer. The white soft cotton sateen sheets and Aegean blue detailing on the quilt cover instantly takes me to Santorini’s contrasting white walls and crystal blue waters.
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When can Lipstick & Cake readers get their hands on your homewares?

The MG Australia collection will be available online and in 100 Target stores across Australia from the 10 September 2015.

What was your favourite aspect of working on the collection?

Establishing my own creative identity through homewares has been a wonderful change. I have been so lucky to work with amazing designers during my career, so it’s lovely to focus solely on my own creative style.
It’s imperative to know what creative direction you want to go in before anything else. Working with the right people, like the team at Target has really helped showcase the inspiration of the collection.
They have a lot of success bringing designer inspiration into affordable markets. I have loved seeing the final product come together through little jobs like the logo, buttons and fonts. It has been a fascinating process to see production come together.

Any plans to expand the range further?

You never know, but I think I will take it one collection at a time!

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Tell me dear reader, if you were to design a homewares range, which city would it be inspired by?



Note: Photos supplied by Target / Megan Gale.

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