Lipstick & Cake Chats with Sam Frost

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Grab a cuppa and enjoy Lipstick & Cake Chats with Sam Frost, where we chat all things beauty, pampering and guilty pleasures.

A few weeks ago I was enjoying coconuts and canapés at Andrew “Boy” Charlton Pool to celebrate the rebrand of Alpha Keri. The Australian beauty brand had a new look, and a new ambassador, Australia’s sweetheart and first Bachelorette, Sam Frost.

Lipstick & Cake Chats with Sam Frost at the pool

Sam Frost and Alpha Keri

Lipstick & Cake Chats with Sam Frost Coconuts

Breakfast with Sam Frost

ALPHA KERI (49 of 74)

I caught up with Sam and we chatted about beauty, skin concerns, pamper nights and guilty pleasures. So, grab a cuppa, a slice of cake and enjoy Lipstick & Cake Chats with Sam Frost.

Why did you want to align yourself with the brand?

Alpha Keri is a brand my family and I have always used, and I know its products work well for me. I’m able to bring my own personal experiences to this, and I’m so excited to help spread the word about this brand, its products and its transformation.

How would you describe the brand in three words?

Innovative, hydrating, easy-to-use.

Do you have any skin concerns?

Yes. When I was younger I had really bad eczema, and I still have really dry, sensitive skin now.

And how has Alpha Keri helped?

The Alpha Keri range is so fantastic and hydrating, and for someone who suffers from dry skin, it’s a godsend as most of the range offers 24 hours of proven hydration or are non-drying formulas (think body washes that don’t dry out your skin). All of the products are fragrance and colour free and don’t clog pores so they are suitable for all skin types even those with sensitive skin, like me!

I like my skin to be as hydrated and as soft as possible, so I feel confident and comfortable with skin to show off. Which is why I am so excited by Alpha Keri’s new products, they just work and are easy and effortless.

Lipstick and Cake Chats with Sam Frost Alpha

What does your daily beauty skin routine look like?

To be honest, if I’m not filming or appearing at an event, it’s quite simple! I’ll cleanse, moisturise and pop on an SPF and a bit of tinted moisturiser in the morning for a little coverage.

Then at night time I’ll do a really good cleanse and exfoliation to get deep into the pores, moisturise and it’s off to bed!

During the day, I’ll constantly be putting on lip balm – dry lips are a pet hate of mine and I’m never without my lip balm.

And I’ve heard Thursday is ‘pamper night’, what does a typical pamper night look like (music, wine candles?) /what treatments do you do? 

I will always start by running a bath for myself to have a good soak. I love to light some candles and really chill out.

Next I’ll give my skin a good scrub. I like to use an exfoliating scrub to really cleanse my skin before taking the time to properly shave my legs.

I’ll then put a treatment on my hair. It’s not often you get to just relax in the bath, so I’ll put on a hair treatment as I know I can leave it on for at least ten minutes to really soak in.

I also like to rehydrate my body when I’m in the bath. At the moment I love using the new Alpha Keri Micellar Body Cleansing Milk, not only is it perfect for my skin type, it’s infused with tiny oil molecules known as micelles that latch onto dirt and other impurities to remove them gently and effectively.

Once I’ve finished in the bath. I also make sure I spend time moisturising my whole body. I’m a bit OCD when it comes to moisturising, so I like to use a rich cream that really soaks into the skin.

After my bath I like to chill out, watch a show or movie on Netflix and paint my nails. Pamper night for me is all about rejuvenating; I love to do this once a week and wake up on Friday ready to face the world.

So what are your three favourite Alpha Keri products? 

At the moment I’m loving the Alpha Keri Body Cleansing Milk, the product is so versatile and I can use it on my face and body. The cleansing milk removes all traces of dirt, make-up and other impurities that leaves my skin feeling so cleansed and refreshed.

I also love the Intensive Recovery Body Cream as it’s lovely to slather on all over (especially after showering) and the Supple Skin Shower & Body Oil because it just leaves my skin feeling so hydrated and nourished. I pop it on after my shower at night and go to bed feeling so good.


The beautiful Sam Frost

Name three people (dead or alive) you’d invite to dinner:

Michael Hutchence, because his music is amazing and I have a huge crush on him, Jennifer Lawrence because she’s so effortlessly beautiful and real and Ricky Jervais for some laughs.

Favourite restaurant:

Hardware, in Bondi. It’s perfect for dinner or just for drinks with friends. I love their sliders!

Name three beauty products you can’t live without (general products):

A really thick, hydrating body moisturiser, a tinted moisturiser for my face and a good lipbalm that keeps my lips smooth and supple.

Signature scent:

That would be Marc Jacobs Daisy.

Favourite lipstick:

Rather than a lipstick, I like to layer lip liner under Lucas’ Pawpaw Ointment. My favourite lip liner for a simple daytime look is Nars Velvet Lip liner in Anse Soleil.

Favourite cake flavour:

I love custard tarts.

Favourite movie:

Momento, with Guy Peirce. It’s an action/psychological thriller. I love this genre because it keeps you guessing and you can spend hours analyzing it with your friends afterwards.

Dream holiday destination:

Japan. I love Japanese food and I’ve heard there’s a Super Mario bar…I really want to go!

Guilty pleasure:

Chocolate. Anything chocolate.


Dear reader, name three people you’d invite to dinner? 



Note: Photos provided by Alpha Keri. 

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