Top Pick Nude Lipsticks

In what might be my best beauty experiment yet, I’m going to be sharing the Top Pick Nude Lipsticks going ‘round.

I’ve spent the last two months researching all the beauty brands and their top nudes. I’ve shopped, I’ve swatched and now I’m sharing my top finds with you.

This beauty experiment is so big however, that I’m going to be breaking it up over a few weeks.

Now keep in mind that I’m trying to find nudes for everybody, so some lipsticks might not suit my skin tone but they’ll suit yours and vice versa. I really hope I can help you find the perfect nude.

The first five top nude lipsticks in my lineup are from MAC Cosmetics and Tom Ford and they are knock-outs.

Tell me dear reader, do you have a favourite nude lipstick?

MAC Velvet Teddy

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Tom Ford Sable Smoke

MAC Mehr

MAC Faux





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  1. May 11, 2016 at 8:27 am, Suzanne Granshaw said:

    Hi there, have you tried any of the Bodyshop lipsticks yet?


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