Pubbelly Sushi, Miami

A visit to Pubbelly Sushi, Miami is a must when visiting the Sunshine State. Oh, and you can’t go past a plate or two of the Salmon Tartare Taquitos.

As I always do before a trip, I research my destination throughly using Google, Pinterest and Instagram. Sure I look up sites to see and hotspots, but my main focus is always food!

For my last trip I actually had a little help from my friend, Ms Critique – she sent me a photo of the most delicious looking Salmon Tartare Taquitos from Pubbelly Sushi, Miami. That was it, Pubbelly was going to be one of my first stops in South Beach.

Pubbelly Sushi

Pubbelly Sushi Miami

Pubbelly Sushi Miami 2

I’m a sucker for shrimp, so we started our lunch with the Rockshrimp Tempura (US$16.00). Very crunchy and extremely addictive.


I came here for the Salmon Tartare Taquitos and wasn’t going to leave without them. A crunchy taco encased salmon tartare and was topped with avocado mousse, red pico de gallo and a sprinkling of masago roe (US$6.00 each). Was not disappointed at all and if we hadn’t already ordered a ton of other items then I would have ordered another serve.

Salmon Taquitos Pubbelly Miami

Salmon Taquitos 2 Pubbelly Miami

Get in my belly

Dining at Pubbelly Miami

Pubbelly Taquitos

MY guy, SD, isn’t a huge fan of the raw stuff so he went with the Butter Crab Pubbelly Rolls (US$12.00), which was strips of crab,¬†goma soy paper, kanikama, ponzu, warm clarified butter. I’m told it was delicious!

Crab Sushi at Pubbelly

SD’s other meal was the Fried Salmon Avocado Roll with Eel and Spicy Mayo Sauce (US$13). What a combination of flavours!

Yummy Sushi

Hello Sushi

While SD isn’t a fan of raw seafood, I sure am! The Hamachi Jalapeno Sashimi with yuzu soy, cilantro, roasted poblanos (US$15) was very fresh and very, very tasty.

Sashimi at Pubbelly Miami

Each and every dish we’d enjoyed was incredible, so we were very excited to try the Lobster Grilled Cheese Sandoicchi (US$17). Brioche, maine lobster and swiss cheese, a killer combination and we were not disappointed!

Lobster cheese

Lobster Mac at Pubbelly

Pubbelly was everything I had hoped, and more. I have a few more trips to Miami planned over the next few years and I can promise that I’ll be making Pubbelly a regular stop on my trips.

Tell me dear reader, which Pubbelly dish takes your fancy?


Pubbelly, Miami

1418 20th St, Miami Beach




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