Seven Magic Mountains, Las Vegas

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A new bright and beautiful art installation now stands tall in the desert. You have to visit Seven Magic Mountains, Las Vegas.

In May of this year, the Las Vegas desert became a little brighter.

Internationally renowned Swiss artist Ugo Rondinone opened his latest exhibit, Seven Magic Mountains, “a creative expression of human presence in the desert’.

Seven towers of colourful, stacked boulders have become a public art installation located near Jean Dry Lake and Interstate 15, just a twenty-minute drive from the Las Vegas strip.  The thirty foot towers can be seen a few miles away, as can the packed car park. Word has spread far and fast and this really has become one of Nevada’s newest and coolest tourist attractions.

I discovered the Seven Magic Mountains on Studio DIY’s Instagram page, a few weeks before my own trip to Vegas. I went to Google immediately and was beyond excited to learn that it was just off Interstate 15, the highway I would be driving on from San Diego. SD and I weren’t going to miss this.

The installation really is in the middle of desert. We’re talking cactuses, dust devils and rattle snakes. Yep, rattle snakes. I thought I heard one as I got out of the car and then saw the sign. Eeeek! It’s best to do as the sign says and stay on the path.

SD and I wondered around the towers, snapping away madly. Half an hour and 367 photos later we were ready to leave.

Heading to Nevada in the next two years? Be sure to stop by and check out the Seven Magic Mountains, Las Vegas.









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