Cochon, New Orleans

Another stop on the Louisiana (food) adventure was at Cochon, New Orleans. Oysters with Chili Garlic Butter and Fried Alligator, must haves in The Big Easy.

When we’d told people that we were heading to New Orleans for a few days, many recommended the same few restaurants and insisted that they were must-visits. One of those restaurants was Cochon, New Orleans.

This has to one of the best restaurants in the city, with the most delicious food and great service. I’m hardly surprised though, I  knew it was a Chef Donald Links restaurant. Links is a very well-known American Chef and has many award-winning restaurants under his belt.

An interesting twist to this restaurant is that the restaurants less formal eatery, Cochon Butchery, is right next door. I didn’t get a chance to check it out this trip but I hear they make a mean sandwich.

We’d spent the morning spotting alligators on a swamp tour (more on that later) and were famished. One look at the menu and I was frothing.


We were thirsty after our excursion to the swamps and decided on the Arnold Palmer ($3) to quench our thirst. For those playing at home, the Arnold Palmer is an iced tea mixed with lemonade. It’s named after the famous golfer and is delicious!


We started our meal with the most incredible buttery bread rolls. I could have easily eaten half a dozen or so of these. So warm, so buttery, so good.


Prior to our trip to NOLA I had heard all about their famous delicacy, chargrilled oysters, and I couldn’t wait to try them.  When I saw the Wood-fired Oysters with Chili Garlic Butter ($14) on the menu it was a no-brainer.

These are some of the best oysters I have ever eaten. The minute I had finished my meal I was scouring the internet for the recipe. I haven’t found it yet, but I’m going to do my best to recreate the recipe and share it with you.


My friend Mark ordered the Fried Alligator with Chili Garlic Mayonnaise ($12). I did feel a little funny about eating alligator after seeing them in the wild just an hour prior, but… when in Rome, right?

Want to know what they taste like? Chicken. Yep, they taste like popcorn chicken.


My boyfriend ordered the Cucumbers & Herbs in Vinegar ($6). So fresh and tasty, this dish was quickly consumed and thoroughly enjoyed. It’s another recipe I hope to recreate at home.


My sister Maddie and I shared the Soup of the Day ($8), which was a Lobster Bisque. This was one of the better bisque’s I’ve ever enjoyed (and I have had many), full of flavour and generous chunks of lobster.


My friend Mark and I love ribs so it was a no-brainer when we saw the Smoked Pork Ribs with Watermelon Pickle $14. These sticky ribs were fingerlicking good and the watermelon pickle was the perfect accompaniment.


For his main, my boyfriend went with the Smoked Beef Brisket with Horseradish Potato Salad $29. The meat fell apart upon touch and melted in the mouth.

I really do hope the restaurant releases a cookbook one day. Each and every dish had us wanting to lick the plates clean.




This is another restaurant you need to add to your list when visiting New Orleans. There is such a great variety on the menu and each dish is guaranteed to be delicious.

Don’t forget to order the Arnold Palmer and be sure to have a buttery bread roll (or two) for me!




930 Tchoupitoulas St

New Orleans, LA 70130



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