Confetti Cinnamon Scrolls Cheats Edition

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The way to everyone’s heart is with a tray of colorful Confetti Cinnamon Scrolls Cheats Edition. Treat yourself or a loved one this Valentine’s Day.

It’s hard not to find yourself getting caught up in the hoopla of Valentine’s Day when you’re in America.

It is a huge deal over here – supermarket’s have whole aisle’s dedicated to gifts, cards and flowers. Candy brands including m&m, Hershey’s, Dove and Reese’s release Valentine’s Day-edition sweets, in various shades of pink and red and usually in heart shapes.

Shops are decorated with hearts and other lovey-dovey paraphernalia and even the TV shows have Valentine’s Day specials. There’s no hiding from this sweet holiday and I’m okay with that.

Whether you have a partner or not, I’m all for celebrating a day a love. It’s a great excuse to catch up with family and friends over a nice meal… because everyone knows that the way to most of our hearts is through our stomachs. Am I right?

This year I’ll be kicking off Valentine’s Day early, with a warm batch of Confetti Cinnamon Scrolls (Cheats Edition) for breakfast.

This recipe uses store-bought Cinnamon Scrolls. To make from scratch, head over to my Confetti Cinnamon Scrolls recipe. Both are equally as colorful and delicious!

Tell me dear reader, do you celebrate Valentine’s Day? What dish is the  way to your heart?


1 packet of store-bought Cinnamon Scrolls



  1. Preheat oven to 180ºC / 375ºF and grease a skillet pan.
  2. Add as many Cinnamon Scrolls to the pan that you can fit, leaving a little bit of space between each.
  3. Place into the oven and cook for 13-15 minutes, or until scrolls are golden and cooked through.
  4. Remove the lid of the frosting and place it in the oven for 10 seconds. Once slightly melted, spoon over the fresh-out-of-the-oven Cinnamon Scrolls.
  5. Before serving, garnish with the sprinkles.

Confetti Cinnamon Scrolls Cheats Edition

Confetti Cinnamon Scrolls 9

Confetti Cinnamon Scrolls 6

Confetti Cinnamon Scrolls 7

Confetti Cinnamon Scrolls 5

Confetti Cinnamon Scrolls 4



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