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I was looking for classic earrings to add edge to my fairly neutral wardrobe and found the perfect pair. Introducing Jolie & Deen Bobby Earrings.

Thanks goodness for Instagram! Though my credit card may curse the day Instagram was launched, my wardrobe and I are thankful for it. Through Instagram I have found so many beautiful outfits, shoes and accessories and if it wasn’t for my favorite social media site, then I wouldn’t have found these gorgeous earrings from Jolie & Deen.

My wardrobe is made up of mostly basics and neutrals these days but I like to ensure my total outfit is far from basic. I like to dress up my outfit and add a little edge with a statement shoe, handbag or jewellery. I have some beautiful big earrings but they’re a little heavy for everyday wear. I needed to find a pair that were bigger than a stud but were a little edgy and could finish an outfit.

While scrolling through Instagram the other day I came across Australian jewellery brand Jolie & Deen. Jolie & Deen had a number of pairs that took my fancy but I ended up settling on the Jolie & Deen Bobby Earrings in gold.

A hoop with a bar detail along the top, these earrings were the edge I was looking for and for AU$34.95, I thought it was a steal!

I broke in these babies last night, teaming with my new Nice Martin black skirt, a white tee and a denim jacket. I wore my hair up a) because it was hot as balls and b) to show off my new earrings.

These were exactly what I was looking for and I’m very happy with my buy. I’m sure you’ll be seeing me wearing these a lot.

Want to buy? Click here for the Bobby Earrings in Gold.

Tell me dear reader, how do you dress up a basic outfit? Found any cute earrings lately? 

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