Rose Petal Ice Cubes

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This is by far the easiest recipe I’ve shared on Lipstick & Cake and the prettiest. Pop a few Rose Petal Ice Cubes into a glass of Rosé and wow your guests.

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I kicked this old Lipstick & Cake tradition off again with something a little different but extremely pretty – Rose Petal Ice Cubes.

I had always wanted to make these but had never been able to find edible flowers…until now. While perusing through my local Harris Farm I found them! I went straight home and made up a a few dozen Rose Petal Ice Cubes.

After a huge work out, a ton of laundry and a few hours of work, I decided to crack open a bottle of Rosé and drop in a few of the ice cubes. They looked just as pretty as I imagined.

This the easiest recipe ever shared on Lipstick & Cake and the result, as you can see, is spectacular. A great way to liven up a wine, or even a jug of water.

Rose Petal Ice Cubes 5



Edible rose petals



  1. Place two of the rose petals into each mould and then fill with water.
  2. Place in the freezer for at least 12 hours.
  3. Pop ice cubes from the tray and into a serving bowl, or straight into your favourite glass of Rosé.

Rose Petal Ice Cubes 9

Rose Petal Ice Cubes

Rose Petal Ice Cubes 4

Rose Petal Ice Cubes 6-2
Rose Petal Ice Cubes 7




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