Shop the Ultimate Greeting Cards and Wrapping Paper

No more text’s, this year I’m sending birthday cards to my loved ones. Come and shop the ultimate greeting cards and wrapping paper.

One of this year’s NY resolutions was to be better at communicating with my friends and loved ones, especially when I am so often away from them. If I couldn’t catch up with them on their birthday or special occasion, then I wanted to do one better than flicking them a text… I’m bringing back the good ol’ paper cards!

So, at the start of this year I went through my brand new diary and wrote down all the birthday’s I could remember. You see, I can tell you what I ate seven years ago, but ask me when someone’s birthday is and I have no clue.

After all the birthday’s were noted, I headed to the shops to stock up on cards.

There were lots of pretty cards available, but I was looking for cards with a little more wow factor. I wanted cards that were fun, colourful and signified something about the relationship I have with each person. I left the shops empty handed but knew exactly where I was going to look next.

Etsy! Of course!

Etsy is the most creative place I know and I hit the absolute jackpot when I started searching for cards and wrapping paper.

I found tons of cards that were cute and funny and I shopped up an absolute storm. Only problem is, I’m now impatiently waiting for everyone’s birthday to tick ’round just so I can see their faces when they open their card.

Now, what kind of friend would I be if I didn’t share? Come and Shop the Ultimate Greeting Cards and Wrapping Paper.

Wait till you see these crackers!

Fun Cards and Wrapping Paper


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