Grapefruit Faker

Look’s like grapefruit and taste’s like grapefruit, but there’s not a drop of grapefruit in this cocktail. Introducing the Grapefruit Faker.

My sister found this recipe the other day and I was intrigued. It claimed to be a grapefruit cocktail yet there wasn’t even a drop of grapefruit in it. While we could have just kept looking for a recipe with grapefruit, the intrigue had the better of me.

This is possibly one of the easiest cocktail recipes to make, all you have to do is chuck the ingredients into a shaker (or blender) and shake until well combined.

As for the taste, it really does taste like grapefruit! This drink is just as refreshing as it is tasty. While I’m sure it could be enjoyed all year round, it’s definitely one to try in the warmer months.

Note: This is quite a strong cocktail, so feel free to reduce the amount of alcohol included.

Now tell me dear reader, how are you winding down this weekend?


45ml gin

22ml fresh lemon juice

10ml Campari

10ml Cointreau

Lemon peel, for garnishing


  1. Pour the gin, lemon juice, Campari and Cointreau into a cocktail shaker or jug.
  2. Fill with ice and shake (or stir) well for 10 seconds.
  3. Strain into a cocktail glass and garnish with that cute little lemon peel.

Grapefruit Faker 1

Grapefruit Faker 2

Grapefruit Faker 3

Grapefruit Faker 4

Grapefruit Faker 5

Grapefruit Faker 6


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