This Season’s Must Have Earrings

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With a fairly neutral wardrobe I like to add edge to my outfits, and that’s where earrings come in. Today I’m sharing This Season’s Must Have Earrings.

Regular readers will know that my wardrobe now consists of mainly neutral pieces. You see, over the last two years I’ve overhauled my wardrobe and now only add staple pieces, rather than fast fashion.

Lately I’ve been adding a little edge to my outfits by adding a pair of earrings. Sometimes I sport big statement earrings, other times I just add a simpler piece.

Earrings also happen to be big this season, especially hoops and oval studs. There are so many great earrings out there, of all shapes, sizes and colours. Now what kind of friends would I be if I didn’t share these brilliant finds! So, below are over a dozen of This Season’s Must Have Earrings.

Happy shopping!

Now tell me dear reader, which pair would you pick? 

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