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The Travel Wallet, a must have accessory for all travellers. Today I’m sharing my latest travel story and top pick travel wallets for you to choose from.

For my thirtieth birthday I was given a black passport holder by my lovely cousins Ashlee and Edwina. The passport holder was from The Daily Edited and came complete with my initials monogrammed on the bottom right-hand corner.

I loved it and took it on every trip, well, until recently that is. The other day something in my gut told me to look for my passport. I was supposed to be flying to Hong Kong the following Saturday and a week after that I was booked onto a flight to the US of A.

I checked my desk drawer, remembering that it was the last place I put my passport. It wasn’t there.

As I madly pushed things around in my drawer I heard a thump. I looked down and sitting in my bin was my iPad Mini. That feeling in my gut grew stronger. I looked under my desk and swore loudly when I saw that the desk drawer had completely bowed and there was a huge gap. I knew what happened to my passport and the holder, they’d fallen down the back of the drawer at some point over the last month and were long gone by now.

I was in the foulest of moods and spent the next day preparing all the documents I needed to apply for a new passport and fast!

Today was an excellent mail day. Not only did my new passport arrive, so did my new The Daily Edited Travel Wallet.

The day after I applied for a new passport I headed to to buy my new passport holder. While perusing through the options I noticed their travel wallet, which not only contains a removable passport holder but a pocket for your boarding pass, two full length pockets and six credit card / business card-sized pockets. It was a no brainer, this was going to home my passport from now on.

I am a little obsessed with monogramming, so I had my initials monogrammed in gold. You can add four initials free of charge and they come in gold or silver. Additional characters can be added for a little extra.

Whether you travel domestically or internationally, once a year or more frequently, this is a must have travel accessory.

Below I’m sharing my top pick travel wallets, including this one. It’s time to shop, it’s time to find your travel wallet!

Tell me dear reader, have you ever lost your passport? And where are you going on your next adventure?

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