Top Pick Eye Primers

One of the most important products in my makeup bag is the eye primer. Today I’m sharing why I can’t live without it and my top pick eye primers.

I wear eyeshadow nearly every single day and wouldn’t dare put it on without applying a swipe of eye primer first. Primer is as important to me as concealer and mascara.

Not only does the eye primer prevent your eyeshadow from creasing, but it can make the shadow last longer and add an additional pop of colour.

While you can buy sheer-toned primers, I like to use one that is a similar shade to the shadow I’m going to use.

I’ve found a ton of great primers over the years and am sharing my favorites below.

Tell me dear reader, what makeup can’t you live without?

Top Pick Eye Primers

Top Pick Eye Primers 2

Marc Jacobs Twinkle Pop Stick Eyeshadow

Marc Jacobs Twinkle Pop Stick Eyeshadow’s are creamy eyeshadows and eyeliners in one sleek pen.

The shimmering formula glides on smoothly, leaves a sparkling pop of colour and can be layered, for more intensity. It’s also seriously long lasting, once went to bed with it on and woke up with it still in place.

Shop the product: AU$42 from Sephora (AU) / US$28 from Neiman Marcus


Model Co x Hailey Baldwin On-The-Glow Highlighter Bronze

Model Co and Hailey Baldwin’s collaboration is the best thing since sliced bread. They launched a ton of must-have products but my absolute favorite is the On-The-Glow Highlighter Bronze. This silky formula can be work alone or layered over makeup.  It can be used as a lip, cheek or face highlighting product, or, as an eye shadow primer!

This is my go-to primer when I’m feeling very, very casual. Just a quick dash of this over my eyelids, followed by a neutral shade of eye shadow.

On-The-Glow comes in three shades – Spotlight (sheer pearl), Rose Glow (rose gold) and Bronze (warm bronze).

Shop the product: AU$45 from Model Co


Charlotte Tilbury Eyes to Mesmerise Long-Lasting Easy Cream Eyeshadow

I love Charlotte Tilbury and I love these Cream Eye Shadow pots. While they can be worn as is, I always use them as my primer and wear them under similar shadow shades – for staying power and an extra pop of colour.

The formula is so creamy and glides onto the eyelid. With a hint of vitamin E, your lids will stay hydrated while sporting makeup. This is my go-to primer for a serious pop of colour.

It comes in six shades – Marie Antoinette (antique oyster gold hue), Jean (cream-to-sheen), Veruschka (minky-mossy golden grey-green), Bette (gold), Mona Lisa (wisteria-chocolate bronze) and Cleopatra (vibrant peacock). I have them in Bette and Mona Lisa.

Shop the product: AU$44 from Charlotte Tilbury (AU) / US$32 from Charlotte Tilbury (US)


MAC Cosmetics Pro Longwear Paint Pot

While I don’t like to play favorites with my makeup, MAC’s Paint Pot’s have a special place in my heart. This highly pigmented, long-wearing shadow is creamy when applied and then dries. It can be worn as is, or as primer for eye shadows and liners.

These are probably the longest-lasting of the primers (followed closely by the Marc Jacobs pens) and provides maximum coverage.

Did I mention it comes in 24 shades? Ranging from nudes and neutrals, to vibrant brights.

Shop the product: AU$35 from David Jones / US$22 from Nordstrom




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